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AVAILABLE Limited collector edition BOOKS

Tales From The NATverse #1 Signed by SIM (80 pages Deluxe Limited Edition First Printing)
BLOODHUNT First Print (Deluxe Limited Edition) Signed by SIM. (80 pages)BLOODHUNT First Print (Deluxe Limited Edition) Signed by SIM. (80 pages)
Seven Legions First Printing,
  • Tales From The NATverse #2 Second chance campaign.

    Tales From The NATverse #2 is getting real close to being done & we got the second chance campaign ready to go, sign up if you missed out.

    TFTN #2 2ND Chance Campaign 
  • HELLZONE Coming Soon!

    HELLZONE is a Sci-Fi Action Horror by Aaron Calimeri & SIM. Link to mailing list Coming SOON.

    HELLZONE Campaign 
  • NAT the MERC: Intergalactic Man Of Action

    Here comes the EPIC conclusion to Blood Brothers. NAT VS GILLEON NUFF SAID!!!


    The stunning finale to the SIX-GUN GORILLA: LONG DAYS OF VENGEANCE saga! Volume 1 available! With Art by Preston.

    Campaign link: 
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