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Tales From The NATverse #1 (C1) First Printing Signed by SIM (80 pages)
BLOODHUNT First Print (Limited) + BH mini B&W print Signed by SIM. (80 pages)
Seven Legions First Printing,
  • Tales From The NATverse #2 Second chance campaign.

    Tales From The NATverse #2 is getting real close to being done & we got the second chance campaign ready to go, sign up if you missed out.

    TFTN #2 2ND Chance Campaign 
  • HELLZONE Coming Soon!

    HELLZONE is a Sci-Fi Action Horror by Aaron Calimeri & SIM. Link to mailing list Coming SOON.

    HELLZONE Campaign 
  • NAT the MERC: Blood Brothers Part 3 Coming Soon.

    Here comes the EPIC conclusion to Blood Brothers. NAT VS GILLEON NUFF SAID!!!

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