All his life NAT as been a MERC and has been seeking his true origin, never finding a glimpse of a clue, until now. A set of events will lead him on the path of his GENESIS.

Follow the adventures of NAT the MERC, an intergalactic man of action for hire and his friends, including babes like LOANI and ROZE..

NAT the Merc #1 is a 44 page book that Includes 2 NEW Action packed Intergalactic stories.

1- NAT the Merc: Blood Brothers Part 1 ( The return of NAT)

2- Tales From The NATverse: Queen Elrika in Royal Rumble.



The first 3 stories that started it all. Join NAT the Merc the Droid that saved and raised him in his first Intergalactic adventure and Meet Roze.

A 44 pages Reprinting of the first 2 stories: 

1- NAT the MERC: Remember the name.(Remastered & in Color) 

2- NAT the MERC: Prelude (B&W Pencil) 

    (Originally published in 2012-13) 

3- Tales from The NAtverse: ROZE in Space Pirate (OP 2015)

    (Remastered & in Color).       



BLOODHUNT: The story of Vincent, a badass assassin who's betrayed & turned into a vampire. He discovers a supernatural world hidden in plain sight! While settling into his new abilities, the assassin rains down hell on anyone standing between him and the vengeance he craves! 

A mix of American comics and anime/manga, with a Heavy Metal/2000 AD magazine influence. 

78 pages B&W edition & NOT FOR KIDS, MATURE CONTENT!




We are currently funding & in production for our next installements of the NAT the MERC: Intergalactic Man Of Action Arc & we Introduce to you LOANI the Metal valkyrie another character sharing the same universe as NAT & will be getting Her own series. 

This is a 116 page Limited Collectors edition book with 4 new stories. 

1- NAT the MERC: Planet 69, 46 page double issue.

2- NAT the MERC: Blood Brothers Part 2, 23 pages.

3- LOANI: Murder Doll,13 pages

4- LOANI: Metal Valkyrie, 28 pages.

We need your support to make this project happen and the highest quality we can offer. The book started as a 80 page book & I added Blood brothers part 2 & the book went to 116, we got lost of cool stuff to unlock like bookmarks, extra stories and content. 

The more we make, the more you get!

Support the production of the project here: NATVERSE #2

Seven Legions: The angel, Azrekal served the Seven Legions for over a thousand years until he uncovered a plot to destroy them from within, but before he could warn the others, he vanished leaving only his memories behind in the mind of Hiko, an orphan born in the middle of feudal Japan's violent civil war era. As the only clue to Azrekal's disappearance, Hiko is drawn into this interstellar conflict while the war of his homeland threatens all he's grown to love in this scifi fantasy historical fiction space opera.

Issue 3: After the destruction of Hiko's home village, the villagers are taken to the village of the Omi family, serving under the Azai clan while Hiko is adopted into the Omi family. That night he dreams of Azrekal's time as an Admiral of the Seven Legions, where his crew encounters one of the galaxy's most dangerous threats: the Daemons.

This 36 page comic contains violence and gore as well as some light crude humor.


A very big ape with very big guns blowing very big holes in very bad people!

"Six-Gun Gorilla: Long Days of Vengeance" is the story of Kumba, an intelligent, sharp-shooting circus gorilla who blazes a trail across the Old West in search of the outlaws who murdered the man who raised him. Along the way he joins forces with his human sister, the only one who truly understands him, and Union spy Giuliano Schmidt. Together they hunt down the killers, only to find themselves uncovering a much greater threat: a munitions tycoon with a sinister plan to prolong the Civil War.

Collects the first five issues of the critically acclaimed series "Six-Gun Gorilla: Long Days of Vengeance".