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Created, Written & Illustrated by SIM.

All his life Nat has been seeking his true origin, never finding a glimpse of a clue, until now. A set of events will lead him on the path of his GENESIS. 

Created in 2009-10 during a college movie Project &
later Published for the first time in ZIDARA 9 2012-13 

NAT the MERC #0 

1- NAT the MERC: Remember the name

2- NAT the MERC: Prelude

3- ROZE: Space Pirate.

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NAT the MERC #1

1- Blood Brothers Part 1

2- Queen ELRIKA: Royal Rumble

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LOANI: Murder Doll 
NAT THE MERC: Planet 69
LOANI: Metal Valkyrie
NAT THE MERC: Blood Brothers #2


NAT THE MERC: Intergalactic Man Of Action. 

NAT THE MERC: Blood Brothers #3 & More